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90% of Americans look to the web to get a mortgage, with one-third saying an online-only mortgage process is preferable to paper-based processes. A poll commissioned by Discover Home Loans found that 90% of survey respondents used some sort of online technology to help them with the home financing process. More than 70% of homebuyers submitted documents electronically to a lender, a realtor, or at closing. These trends provide for a unique opportunity for mortgage professionals to expand their market territory and close more loans. Future mortgage professionals will be able to market themselves and originate mortgages from the convenience of their own home.

That future is now! Wellspring Finance has built a unique platform that will give you the tools to operate efficiently and expand your market area. Our propriety system allows you to complete the entire mortgage process online and from the comfort of your home office. You are no longer limited to your local area, you will be able to originate anywhere in the state of Florida with just phone and internet connection.


  • Professional website provided

  • Virtual office

  • First 500 business cards provided

  • Full Back office support

  • Your borrower will be able to access your website to check the status of their loan

  • State of the art technology allowing electronic signatures on documents and streamlining the entire mortgage process

  • All loan programs available

  • Closings under 30 days

  • Company Profit sharing program that offers monthly residual income

  • Marketing tools for online and offline marketing

  • Website “Apply Button” will provide your borrowers with same day pre-approvals.

  • Your borrowers apply; we process and underwrite; while leaving you to focus on getting more business!

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